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August 7, 2009
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Harry Potter  vs. Twilight

(This Argument compares and contrasts the books, movies, and fans)

1) The Main Guys
Edward Cullen- He is an over-protective stalker, he only likes Bella because he likes the way her blood smells, and he impregnates a human and has a half-vampire baby. He's mainly a hero who wins Bella over by being her superman.
Harry Potter- He uses the power of love to triumph over evil, which is evident in all the books.  Love from his mother, from Dumbledore, from his friends, and the love in himself.  He is emo-ish in the fifth book, and totally disrespects his friends as well as Dumbledore.
2) The Villains
The Volturi and other “bad vampires” - These vampires are violent They don’t murder people out of their rage, but out of their will to feed happily.  James and the other bad vampires like to suck the blood of humans.  Edward tries to get the Volturi to kill him in New Moon.
Voldemort-  Voldemort randomly kills innocent people throughout the books and insist on killing Harry Potter himself! He's mainly a bully playing on his own insecurities, since his father was a Muggle (someone without magic powers, like you and me).
Death Eaters- They are ferocious killers, seeing as they're Voldemort's loyal followers.  Bellatrix is probably the most demented because she's in love with Voldemort and wants to be his favorite; she also takes pride in torturing "Mudbloods" and "Blood Traitors".
3) The Fan Base
TwiGirls/ TwiMoms/ TwiGuys-  TwiGirls are obsessed with Edward Cullen’s body and so are TwiMoms.  The main reason for this is most likely due to the fact that they are lonely losers who can’t get boyfriends, or are bored with their old husbands and use Edward as a replacement.  TwiGuys are an odd subject to me but I assume that the majority of them are obsessed with Edward's body too. Furthermore, the majority of the fans are teenage girls (most of who call themselves "Twihards"). Still Twilight does have a huge fanbase and there's no denying the fans dedication.
Harry Potter Fans- Harry Potter fans don’t have stupid nicknames that they give themselves. They are devoted but the majority are not obsessed.  Although the majority of fans see Harry Potter himeslf as number one, the fans have a wide range of favorite characters.  Children, teenagers, and adults all over the world are devoted Harry Potter fans, have read the books, seen the movies, and have the merchandise.  Some obsessive fans have been known as "Potter-philes", but it's not a huge concept.
4)The Action
Twilight- Most of the action in Twilight is centered on Edward, Jacob, or somebody else saving Bella from something bad, like "bad vampires".  There's blood-shed that occurs when Bella gets into accidents before Edward can rescue her or the "good vampires" are drinking animal blood.  There are many instances when Bella's life is on the line, but almost everyone who she hangs out with is undead, so they don't have to worry about that.
Harry Potter- There is fighting in every book, there is killing from the fourth book to the seventh book. There are various life or death situations in which Harry (and sometimes his friends) have to use wit, bravery, and skill to triumph against evil. There is an extreme good vs. evil battle in the seventh book.
5) The Authors
Stephenie Meyer- She writes from Bella's point of view, which allows the readers to fully understand Bella's obsession with her boyfriend/husband.  Her writing is simple-minded and a little cliche'. Her idea about sparkling vampires is completely original. The book is lightly detailed in most parts, but greatly detailed in Edward's appearance (which is a big focus in the story).  There are various lengthy moments when Bella and Edward are sitting around “getting to know each other&#148. It is meant to target teenagers and it works.
J.K. Rowling- She writes in a brilliant and interesting way.  She uses her creativity and imagination to create a fantastic world of magic.  There are very few boring moments in the books and they do not last long.  The entire series detailed with everything that is relevant to the plot.  All the things that happen in the earlier books contribute to the climax of the final book. It is simple enough for a child to read, but complex enough to make an adult think and try to figure it out.
6) The Main Girls-
Isabella Swan- She is a typical teenage girl who happens to fall in love with a vampire.  Normally she needs Edward/Jacob to come and save her; she constantly puts her life in danger to see Edward and his family(even though he only likes her for her smell and they only like her for Edward).  She wants to be a vampire and has no regard for her family and friends or their feelings on the matter. Eventually she marries Edward, has a baby (Renesme aka Nessie) and becomes a vampire.
Hermione Granger- She is a brilliant witch who doesn’t need Harry Potter (or anybody) to rescue her because she can fight.  She’s one of the smartest people in the books and is always in favor or righteousness. She is mostly close-minded and stubborn, but she’s usually right anyway. She ends up marrying the guy who she fights with the most.
7) The Fantasy
Twilight- The fantasy in Twilight centers around vampires (who sparkle in the sun, rather than burning), and werewolves (who are actually humans who shapeshift into wolves).
Harry Potter- There is a wide range of fantasy creatures (some of which J.K. invented herself) such as centaurs, giants, goblins, acromantulas (giant spiders), skrewts, thestrals, hippogriffs and a basilisk (to name a few).  There are also fantasy objects such as the deathly hallows, the sorcerer’s/ philosopher’s stone, the pensieve, horcruxes, and everything that Fred and George Weasley created. She even came up with her own food, including candy and drinks.
8) The Central Themes
Twilight- This book series is about a new girl who falls in love with the hottest guy in school (who is a social outcast) and he just happens to be a vampire.  The book is about how they become a couple because he likes the way her blood smells and he saves her from all the trouble she gets into using his mind-reading super powers. In the end she becomes a vampire after having his hybrid baby and giving it a hybrid name based upon other characters.
Harry Potter- This series is about how a boy is marked for death, learns that he’s really a wizard at age 11, learns to use magic, and fights against the evil dark wizard who killed his parents.  His friends stick by his side throughout the series to help him fight against various dangerous creatures and situations.  He eventually learns about the connection between him and the evil wizard, Voldemort and realizes that he has to destroy him.
9) The Romance (this is a BIG one)
Bella and Edward- This book obviously has a lot more romance because this is a love story (with vampires and werewolves thrown in).  They fall in love with each other practically instantly.  Edward watches Bella sleep everynight andwants to kill her so badly that he's madly in love with her. Bella is focused on how good Edward looks, and smells (even his breath). and the way he always happens to be there when she's in trouble (by reading the minds of everyone around her).
Other Twilight Couples-  Rosalie and Emmett live like a married couple, Esme and Carlisle are a married couple, Jasper and Alice date and there are other less important couples such as James and Victoria.  Jacon loves Bella and then gets over it and falls in love with her daugher.  Most love in the books is expressed through looking "hot" and or acts of heroics.
Ron and Hermione-This is the most important couple in the Harry Potter series because they show signs of being together from books 2 to 6 and finally kiss in book seven.  It’s not an instantaneous relationship and keeps the reader in suspense about them. They are Harry Potter’s best friends, and most importantly, the main girl doesn’t end up with the main character.
Other Harry Potter Couples- Although R/Hr are my favorite couple, there are lots of other couples that matter and show their love for each other such as: Remus and Nymphadora Lupin, Molly and Arthur Weasley, Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy, Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory, Bill and Fleur Weasley.  One of the greatest things about the couples in Harry Potter is that not everything’s all happily ever after AKA some of them BREAK UP: Lavender Brown and Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Cho Chang, Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum, Ginny Weasley and Michael Corner, Ginny Weasley and Dean Thomas.  FYI most of the married couples are not married for the entire series.  
10) The Families
The Cullens/Hales-  The Cullens/Hales are a vampire family made up of a married couple in their mid-twenties, a group of five adopted teenagers (who date) and Bella when she marries Edward.  They live in a glass house in the middle of nowhere, and want nothing more than to appear normal.
The Swans- Bella has a friendship-relationship with her mother, and a mother-son relationship with her father. She has to be the adult in her family because her parents don't discipline her.
The Blacks- They are a Native American familywho descend from a line of werewolves (aka shapeshifters?) who have an extreme prejudice against vampires.
The Harry Potter Families-
Weasleys- Very close and cute family; they always help up for each other and are Gryffindors.  They fight and hang out with each other just like a real family.
Malfoys- They love and support each other.  They save each other from anything (even Voldemort’s fury).  They are not perfect.  Narcissa is often miserable because her husband is a Death Eater and then he gets landed in Azkaban.  Draco tries to kill Dumbledore because he’s afraid Voldemort will kill his family.  They sincerely love each other.
Potters- James was killed by Voldemort before he went to Harry.  Lily sacrificed her life for Harry, thus her blood became a source of love which stopped Voldemort from killing Harry.  This is why he has to live with the Dursleys (Lily's sister has Lily's blood).  

Other Families- There are a lot of families in Harry Potter but you get the point; they’re all very different.

11) The Actors
Okay, this is a bit unfair because the Harry Potter actors have been with Harry Potter for about a decade and the Twilight actors have only just become Twilight actors. Yes, people give them lots of attention, but only because they star as the characters that they love, not because they’re good.  Robert Pattinson, himself said that the fans scream for "Edward" not "Rob".  They only want him to continue his Edward role, so they can see their favorite vampire portrayed on screen.  Furthermore, I’m sure that some Twilight fans know that Robert Pattinson was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the 4th movie for those of you who don’t know) and nobody cared.  There were no rabid fan girls chasing after him (and he looked much hotter in that movie, though that's my opinion) when he  played Cedric Diggory.  The actors in Harry Potter are actually very good and they fit the mold of the characters that they portray.  They look like the characters and act like the characters(for the most part); some exceptions would be Harry's eyes (which are green; Dan's are blue), and the lack of freckles on the actors who play The Weasleys.  With all the actors that have appeared in Twilight so far, I think Dakota Fanning is the best.

12) The Good Guys
Twilight-  They are called good guys because they do not murder innocent people; instead, they murder animals. They don’t help anyone, except Bella until she becomes a vampire and can fend for herself.
Harry Potter- In Harry Potter the ultimate good guy is Albus Dumbledore; everyone who works for him (including Harry Potter) is good to some extent.  They all fight for justice in the seventh book to destroy evil. Severus Snape is the ultimate agent going back in forth between Dumbledore and Voldemort, convincing them both that he is loyal to no one else, while always staying true to the good side and secretly protecting Harry Potter.

13) Power
Twilight- In Twilight power is equated to physical strength and immortality. Mainly living forever and having super powers like seeing the future and reading minds is cool and the toughest vampires are the biggest and strongest (like Emmett).
Harry Potter- The most powerful magic is LOVE.  Immortality is only sought after by Lord Voldemort (the ultimate villain).  Though being able to read minds is a good skill to have, Harry is given great pain by involuntarily seeing into Voldemort’s mind. Furthermore due to the destruction of the sorcerer’s stone, the only way to live forever is through well protected horcruxes (which require the person to murder).  It’s just wrong.  There are 3 items (the invisibility cloak, the resurrection stone, and the Elder wand) that are rumored to make one the "Master of Death", when brought together, but this has not been proven.  
Welcome all Harry Potter and Twilight fans. There are very few similarities between these books, but the main thing that they have in common is that they are best-selling novels. Yes, I am in favor of a certain book series, so you may want to leave before this is over. I personally hope that you do not take offense, because there is reasoning to support the things that I say, though an argument is in some part, opinion-based. I am not a twilight fan so if you are a twilight fan, you probably won't like this. I just hope that you don't take it too personally.

So, I edited this a bit, because I realized that I went into more detail for things that I like rather than things that I didn't like, which is unfair. I just thought that instead of telling you how awful something is, I'd explain in more detail what happens and let you decide if it sucks or not.
I tried to make this paper unbiased, but I am a Harry Potter fan and Twilight fans may not like this. You've been warned.

P.S. Please don't leave any nasty comments. If you don't like it, you can say it in a dignified way.
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